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Day-One is a must-have solution for any business recruiting even a modest number of new starters every year. It’s highly affordable, offers huge returns on investment and is just a smarter way of inducting and managing the onboarding process of all new employees.


Licenced cloud-based solution

Day-One is a cloud-based solution with all the benefits a universal platform. Free updates, support, integrations and unlimited users - just a single annual licence fee to cover the Day-One platform, Day-One app and hosting.

One-off journey cost

Setting up Day-One and the development of your journey pages is a single one-off cost. How much you want to spend on this is determined by the impact you want to make - with photography, video, illustrations and pages. You’re un-restricted in the number of journeys you could develop or the content of these. The Day-One journey is simply a website - to promote, educate, inform and reassure the new starter. A persuasive ‘coating’ around the Day-One platform.




Free app

The universal Day-One app is free for all candidates and employees, available from iTunes and  all popular app’ stores.




Fast setup

The system can be ready within as little as three weeks. Allow enough time for data migration and population - possibly a week, priming the system with the right forms, letters and contracts.




Training & implementation

Throughout the build process your account manager will be on hand to assist with training and implementation. We offer full 24/7 support for all our products, use maintained uptime monitors and host with European based servers.





Day-One is created by Basis Media Limited, a leading HR solutions developer. We are ISO 27,001, Microsoft accredited, host within the UK and all our solutions are GDPR compliant.




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