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Day-One is a cloud-based online solution and dedicated app. It combines a very powerful content delivery engine, with a branded website journey that delivers a personalised message. There is no better way of delivering a message to new starters than with Day-One. It manages all the contractural content with ease, using eSignatures, flexible form creation and payroll integration. It immerses new starters with your employer brand, helps them understand your culture, vision and values and gives them the resources and knowledge to play an integral role, from day one.

First impressions count


There is no more comprehensive way to bring people into the business than Day-One. Activated by your ATS, manually or any predetermined trigger, candidates can access Day-One as soon as you're ready. Tell them to log-on at offer stage, or send them an email or text. All they have to do is go online or download the app and their bespoke onboarding experience is waiting for them.

How Day-One works

Take them on a journey


The unique journey we create for you is every bit a part of the whole online employer branding experience that your career website set out to create. The journey element of the Day-One solution is a website, a personal one, a story, a persuasive digital message that tells more about what to expect, the vision and values of your organisation, what it means to work there, often supported by welcome videos from the team and senior management.

Manage all transactional items


Welcome to a world of ‘Packs’ and ‘Libraries’. A pack is personal and individual to the employee - it contains all the very individual and minutiae of information that is personal to their employment. Typically, the offer, the contract, anything that is individual to their employment.


The library is usually universal information or governed by grade. It’s  information that is open source and available to a group. Not personalised in the way an offer would be, but it might be personal to a group of individuals.


Day-One allows you to control the delivery of both so that the information is tailored, grouped, delivered personally and securely.


Day-One has a content delivery system that has been developed to allow you to design and create packs and deliver library’s with ease. Powerful, easy to use and very secure - it manages every and any onboarding data with ease.

Get line managers & buddies involved


Line manager's and buddies play a vital role in successful onboarding. Day-One incorporates a separate line manager portal that helps line managers play their part with the development of tasks and messaging. At a glance line managers can keep up to date with their cohort of onboarders, track progress, interact and encourage.

Onboarding statistics

The journey



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