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Using accredited research, we have calculated the average costs and saving that can be made through applied onboarding. The results can be staggering and don't even take into the account the additional savings of postage, contractural management, or printing.


Onboarding is one of the milestones within the resourcing journey that can demonstrate significant, proven and lasting savings to the recruitment budget. Simply add the numbers you recruit annual to see how much you can save.

Enter the number of people you are recruiting annually
This is the cost to recruit everyone £0
Average people that will leave after 1 day 0
Average people that will leave within 45 days 0
Cost to the business - per annum £0
Additional employees leaving in first 3 years 0
3 year cost to the business 0
This cost annually £0
Estimated TOTAL cost to YOUR business per annum £0
Day-One could retain THIS many staff through effective onboarding 0
Potentially saving YOUR business... £0

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