Onboarding is the most crucial stage of the recruitment journey





...Of employees leave within the first 45 days.

...Of employees leave a job after a disastrous first day.

...Of employees leave within the first 3 years.

...Of employees that effectively onboarded are more likely to still be with the company 3 years later.

Average cost per hire:


Onboarding is probably the most crucial yet often overlooked part of your recruitment process.


You’ve found the perfect employee, spent thousands on advertising, agencies, internal management time, interviews and internal process, just to get to this point.


Only you know that for the next month there is the potential for counter-offers, cold feet, no-shows and apathy. Not to mention the cost of all that contractual mail, forms that need signing and returning, compliance and readiness for payroll. Mountains of paperwork,  postage costs, getting forms back and internal time.


Did you know on average, 22% of employees are ‘lost’ in the first 45 days? Think about the cost to the business? The disruption time. The logistics of going back to the start of the recruitment process.



Onboarding is the culmination of the recruitment process. The immersive bit, part job sell, part induction, part contractual.


It sets the tone for the following years and has a massive part to play in the commitment of the new starter and their vocational wellbeing.


Done properly, it has a significant effect on the success of the business, the team they will be joining, their productivity and can save not just time, but huge amounts of money and credibility.


Day-One ticks every box. An amazing candidate journey, full contractual control, line management interaction and a dedicated app with push notifications and tools.

What can Day-One achieve?

Onboarding starts before the employee has even resigned from their previous role.

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